dealing in complete range of textile and specialty chemicals.

  • Denim Fashion Lab
  • A well equipped denim processing laboratory serves as a fashion workshop – both for us and for our customers, where we work together to produce different garment effects and finishes with various recipes and treatments.

    With a view to cater for the needs of the ever changing and expanding trends of the fashion industry, the laboratory has been heavily invested in to provide all the necessary equipment at a smaller scale to hatch the ideas and try different variations before moving on to the bulk scale of production.

    A basic list of equipment available at the laboratory is:

  • 2 Belly Washers of 10Kg
  • 1 Belly Washer of 7 Kg
  • ICI Pilling Tester
  • Spinners
  • Spray Booth
  • Tumble Dryer
  • Front Loader Washing Machine
  • Scraping Machine
  • Curing Oven