dealing in complete range of textile and specialty chemicals.

  • Corporate Culture
  • The development and continuous improvement of its employees is one of the main areas of interest for the company. We have thus, been laying great emphasis on development of our human resource. In this regard company’s employees are continuously encouraged to strive for self improvement so they could develop their full potential for enrichment of their own lives and achieve better performance level for the benefit of the company. We believe in teamwork and all employees are encouraged to be part of the solution. All efforts are made to generate team spirit in our employees and their full involvement in achieving company’s short and long term objectives.

    The company is fully aware of its social responsibilities and has set stringent parameters for itself with regard to the protection of the environment, as well as safety and health of its employees and that of its consumers and of the citizens at large. The company thus puts the well being of its employees and citizens above its economic gains, acting as a responsible member of the society.

    Chemtech International has been the torchbearer of sustainability & environmentally friendly solutions in Pakistan. Our enzymatic products and solutions offer a natural alternate to use of chemicals in textile processing. With technology partnerships with worlds leading companies in this field, our ingenious products offer savings of water, cost and energy for the millers and at the same time help in reducing the emissions of hazardous effluents.

    We at Chemtech International believe in continues growth and development. As a matter of policy we will continue to strive for provision of better quality products and services to all our valued customers in the years ahead. The company will always be upholding its core values and responsibilities to the society while striving for achievement of its primary mission, that is – to create value for our customers.