dealing in complete range of textile and specialty chemicals.

  • Consumer Chemicals
  • In addition to the core business of Textile chemicals, Chemtech also manufactures and markets consumer products under the banner of sister concern Chemtech Enterprises.

    Our range of Consumer Products

    Clean X

    Clean X is specially formulated product to help keep your home sparkling clean. It works great for fast and easy cleaning of tough dirt and grime. Use on glass, mirrors, TV screens tiles, car windows, porcelain products and other household products and surfaces in kitchen, living rooms, partio, bedrooms, bathrooms, outo…. Every where you want a streak free sparking shine.

    Shin O’ Clean

    Shin o’ Clean’s unique formula cleans, shines and disinfects washable bathroom/kitchin surfaces and fixture around the home. It gently remove tough grease stains, dirt, grime and soap film from fixtures, appliances, counter tops, floors, walls and more.


    For Sparkling Results
    Lemo’s unique formula removes grease and grime quickly and effectively. It is designed to clean deep down bringing your precious crockery and cutlery back to life, Leaving your utensils sparkling bright

    Perfect Press

    PERFECT PRESS is a specially formulated spray starch for cotton and blends which ensures easy ironing and crisp fresh look to the fabrics. Protects clothes from dirt build up and leaves them smelling fresh. Advantage over Conventional Starches PERFECT PRESS is available in easy to use refills ensuring economical use. Nozzle spray ensures rapid even application which can be adjusted as per the substrate. Avoids instances of iron plate damage.